Guangdong tianjiayu Mould Technology Co., Ltd

Guangdong tianjiayu Mould Technology Co., Ltd

Guangdong tianjiayu Mould Technology Co., Ltd. is a mould technology enterprise jointly invested and established by the shareholders of Tiangong international, a Hong Kong listed company, and Shenzhen YUTE Metal Co., Ltd. in April 2022, which integrates mould steel R & D, production, sales, mould heat treatment and machining.

Founded in 1981, Tiangong International Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of special tool and die steel, titanium materials and cutting tools in China, a national key high-tech enterprise, one of the top 500 Chinese private enterprises in the manufacturing industry, and one of the top three world mold steel enterprises. It ranks first among the key private enterprises in the production of special steel in China. With world-leading production equipment and process technology, it is the only enterprise in China that realizes the production of special steel and special new materials in the whole industrial chain and in all varieties.

Shenzhen YUTE Metal Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. The company is mainly engaged in high-grade die-casting die steel series products, as well as plastic die steel rust prevention series, mirror series products and precision cold stamping die steel series products. It also provides customers with die machining and heat treatment services. "Let customers use safe die steel" is the direction the company has been working hard for. "High quality, high price and high efficiency" makes YUTE metal stand out from the rest of the industry.

The establishment of Guangdong tianjiayu Mould Technology Co., Ltd. marks a big step forward for special steel manufacturers to provide products and services for the terminal market.

Quality control: the company is also equipped with hand-held spectral composition analyzer, precision ultrasonic digital flaw detector, optical metallographic analyzer, hardness tester and other testing equipment, which implements 100% quality testing on the stored steel, and has passed the iso9001:2005 quality management system certification.

Service: the company's heat treatment workshop has a number of advanced vacuum gas quenching furnaces, ultra cryogenic treatment equipment, nitrogen oxidation furnaces, tempering furnaces and other production equipment to provide reliable heat treatment services for molds; The machining workshop is equipped with milling and CNC processing equipment to provide customers with one-stop processing services from polished materials to CNC roughing, precision gongs, drilling, tapping and so on, greatly shortening the customer's mold manufacturing cycle.

YUTE metal, let you use safe die steel!

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