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Guangdong tianjiayu Mould Technology Co., Ltd




Guangdong tianjiayu Mould Technology Co., Ltd. is a mould technology enterprise jointly invested and established by the shareholders of Tiangong international, a Hong Kong listed company, and Shenzhen YUTE Metal Co., Ltd. in April 2022, which integrates mould steel R & D, production, sales, mould heat treatment and machining. Founded in 1981, Tiangong International Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of special tool and die steel, titanium materials and cutting tools in China, a national key high-tech enterprise, one of the top 500 Chinese private enterprises in the manufacturing industry, and one of the top three world mold steel enterprises. It ranks first among the key private enterprises …



The process engineer of Dongguan Tianjiayu metal technology co., LTD. (heat treatment branch) has been engaged in the professional application of mold steel and heat treatment for more than 25 years, with a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience. The main operators on site have more than 10 years of working experience and are skilled in heat treatment. Strict operation discipline and process tracking management link and passed iso9001:2015 quality copying is the system certification. On this basis, we can provide customized heat treatment service with the user's mold, which can effectively help the user to improve the service life of the mold and achieve the ideal use eff …



101/5000 Tianjiayu metal is the general agent of tiangong aihe special steel co., LTD., which has passed the iso9001:2015 quality system management certification, and is the second council member of shenzhen longgang district die-casting industry association. It has also won the "top 10 die-casting mold steel" honorary certificate issued by China casting technology co., LTD.




Carry out various forms of communication and interaction

· Guangdong tianjiayu Mould Technology Co., Ltd metal die steel has 15 years of industry reputation as a brand, and the professional team has the longest working experience of more than 25 years.
· RIGHT metal provides customers with personalized merchandising services and technical exchanges and cooperation to jointly explore technical solutions for die steel.
· provide technical consulting and training services for customers free of charge.


Product supply

· Obtained the authorization of general agent of tiangong international high-end die-casting die steel in south China in 2019.
· Tianjiayu metal and national key whole-process special steel enterprises customized and developed "RIGHT brand" advanced die steel according to international standards.
· Tianjiayu metal supports one-piece minimum order and customization on demand, with high production efficiency, which can meet your special needs in time.


The machine is fully equipped, providing the service of finishing and roughing

· Tianjiayu metal provides a variety of die steel, complete specifications, adequate inventory to ensure your personalized needs.
· Tianjiayu metal and national key special steel enterprises have customized and developed "Tianjiayu brand" advanced die steel according to international advanced technical standards.


The die steel will be delivered to you in the shortest time

· The mould steel provided by RIGHT metal is guaranteed from the source, with full inspection of products and whole-process tracking services.
· Tianjiayu metal professional die steel wholesale distribution, retail MRT. Easy order, procurement without worry.
· Tianjiayu metal provides one-stop services in the fields of mold steel production, research and development, testing, sales, application and heat treatment.


Provide die steel heat treatment service

· Tianjiayu metal set up a heat treatment branch in qingxi, dongguan.
· Main operators have more than 10 years of working experience, and are very familiar with the setting of heat treatment process parameters and the characteristics of die steel.
· Standardized management and strict quality inspection in the heat treatment process ensure the quality of your mold.


Perfect after-sales service, so that you have no worries

· Tianjiayu adheres to the business philosophy of "the success of customers is the success of themselves" and enables customers to use the mold without any worries.
· In the production process of RIGHT metal, each process is checked repeatedly to ensure that the material and precision of the ex-factory mold meet the international quality standards.
· Tianjiayu metal can provide customers with material certification, metallographic analysis report, flaw detection report and GS report.


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