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Special die casting die steel YT2353




Special die casting die steel YT2353

Main chemical components, (typical analysis results)

C                P                S        Cr          MO     V          Other elements  

0.38      ≤0.020     ≤0.005     5.0      1.60    0.50            add to

Production process:

•After ef (electric furnace smelting) + LF (off furnace refining) + VD (vacuum refining) smelting, 

yt2353 has low gas content and good purity.

•The multi-directional forging (or forging opening + rolling) processing is adopted to make yt2353 have the characteristics of small difference in anisotropy performance and high density.

•After homogenization treatment and heat treatment process such as ultra refining + spheroidizing annealing, yt2353 has 

the characteristics of small band, fine grain size and uniform structure.

•The quality of yt2353 can meet the requirements of nadcas207 standard of Die Casting Association of North America.

•The production cost is reduced without ESR (electroslag remelting) and the cost performance is high.

Steel properties

·It has excellent machining performance and good polishing performance.

·It has better physical properties than H13 series, smaller thermal expansion coefficient and higher thermal conductivity.

·With H13 series better thermal fatigue resistance, fire resistance, erosion resistance and wear resistance.

·Heat treatment has small deformation and good hardenability.


Precision zinc alloy die casting die, aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy die casting die, semi-solid die casting die.

Small and medium batches of pure aluminum die casting mold

High temperature die casting mould for small batch of copper, liquid metal, etc

Manufacturing of red forging die, ploughing die and mandrel

Thermosetting plastic mold, lamp mold, glass mold

The service life of yt2353 is better than that of H13 series die steel.

Physical properties:

Heat treatment:

Soft annealing             representative                    tempering

800-850℃                          1000-1050℃                         550-680 


Inspection standard: 

• ultrasonic examination:

According to the requirements of SEP21: e / E or GB / T4162: AA.

Maximum defect equivalent ≤ Φ 1mm or as required by customers.

• Purity:

According to astme45 or GB / 10561-2005:

Supply status:

• grain size:

Grain size up to grade 7 and finer (grade 27) as per ASTM standard

• metallographic structure:

Meet the NADCA standard of North American Die Casting Association

• impact value:

The impact value shall be tested after heat treatment according to the method specified in NADCA standard 207

(hardness of sample 45 ± 1hrc, size of sample without notch: 7 * 10 * 55)

Supply status:

Ultra fine spheroidized annealing, hardness ≤ 220HB.

Supply size:

Round steel diameter to Φ 2 - Φ 700mm

Flat steel thickness 6-600mm, customized according to customer requirements

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