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Age hardening high gloss molding steel YTP80R




Age hardening high gloss molding steel YTP80R 

Main chemical components, (typical analysis results)

C            P               S        Ni         Cu     AI      Other elements  

0.13    ≤0.015    ≤0.002   3.0      1.0     0.9           add to

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TYP80R             MAK80          GEST80              HPM50

Production process:

After: ef (electric furnace ellipsometry)

 < f (external refining) + VD (vacuum smelting) + ESR (inert gas protection electroslag remelting)

Smelting ensures that YTP80R has the quality of low gas content and high purity.

The YTP80R processed by multi-directional forging (or forging plus and rolling)

 has the advantages of small anisotropy difference, uniform and dense structure.

The hardness after aging hardening treatment is very uniform and the size is stable.

Steel properties

It has excellent cutting performance and good flexibility in the pre hard state (37-43hrc) of higher hardware.

It has excellent EDM performance and excellent corrosion performance.

It is especially suitable for surface treatment processes such as nitriding, carbonitriding and surface coating.

The pre hardening state is stable, even after deep processing, no stress removal is required.


High precision plastic mold.

High gloss appearance quality and transparent plastic mold.

High quality etched bite plastic mold.

Engineering plastic mold, rubber mold.

Physical properties:

Heat treatment:

Soft annealing             representative                    tempering

700-770℃                          850-900℃                         400-520 


Inspection standard

• ultrasonic examination:

According to the requirements of sep21: e / E or GB / t4162: AA.

Maximum defect equivalent ≤ Φ 1mm or as required by customers.

• Purity:

According to astme45 or GB / 10561-2005:

Supply status:

Pre hardening state: hardness 37-43HRC

Supply size:

Round steel diameter toΦ2-Φ700mm 

Flat steel thickness 6-600mm or customized according to customer requirements

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