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Rust proof high grade mirror plastic mould steel TY136R




Rust proof high grade mirror plastic mould steel  YT136R

Main chemical components, (typical analysis results)

C         P                      S        Cr          Ni          V      Other elements  

0.38      ≤0.015     ≤0.002     14      0.43    0.30            add to

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TY136R             S136              DC53           M310              D-STAR

Production process:

After EF + LF + VD + ESR

Smelting ensures that YT136R  has the quality of low gas content and high purity.

The multi-directional and large forging ratio forging

 (or large forging ratio opening + rolling) processing is adopted to make YT136R 

have small difference in isotropic properties and high density.

After high temperature diffusion (homogenization treatment) and 

super refinement + spheroidization annealing, the microstructure is

 small and the spheroidization is uniform and fine.

Steel properties

•YT136R is a martensitic stainless steel with good corrosion resistance.

Excellent hardenability and dimensional stability.

It has good machinability in the pre hardened state of 30-36hrc.

It has high strength, wear resistance and excellent mirror polishing when hardened to 50-54hrc.


High mirror plastic mold, transparent parts, optical products mold

• It is suitable for manufacturing molds with PVC and other corrosive plastic materials

thermosetting plastic mould with high friction resistance.

Physical properties:

Heat treatment:

Soft annealing             representative                    tempering

730-780℃                          1000-1050℃                         200-60 


Inspection standard

• ultrasonic examination:

According to the requirements of sep21: e / E or GB / t4162: AA.

Maximum defect equivalent ≤ Φ 1mm or as required by customers.

• Purity:

According to astme45 or GB / 10561-2005:

Supply status:

Ultra fine spheroidized annealing, hardness ≤ 220HB.

Pre hardening state: hardness 3q-36hrc.

Supply size:

Round steel diameter toΦ2-Φ700mm 

Flat steel thickness 6-600mm or customized according to customer requirements

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