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Selecting YUTE die steel can improve market competitiveness

2020-06-07 19:47:29 RIGHT

With the continuous development of the domestic mold industry, but there are also abuse and misuse of mold materials (mold steel). The waste of mold steel is very serious, which not only brings cost improvement to the mold enterprises, but also brings pollution, and is not conducive to the orderly development of the entire material market. The main reasons are as follows.

(1) The area with more die steel consumption is also the area with more die waste. For example, in Guangdong Province, the waste mould made of steel is calculated by ten thousand tons every year, and the waste of steel is more and more. These three kinds of materials are respectively used to make cold working die (ceramic die, cold stamping die), aluminum profile extrusion die and cold roll.

(2) The lure of profiteering. Waste utilization and resource conservation are in line with the route of increasing production and saving, and also in line with the viewpoint of sustainable development. The flooding of poor mold materials caused huge losses. Under the temptation of huge profits, a lot of relevant personnel of steel mills purchase waste molds at low prices, melt them in medium frequency smelting furnaces and then cast them into small ingots, and forge them into yuan steel and plates at random. The steel suppliers and sellers sell them on the market after purchasing them at low prices.

Some of the relevant purchasing personnel of mold manufacturing enterprises do not have a deep understanding of mold materials, and they buy these materials under the lure of low prices, so that poor materials are rampant, especially a large number of family workshop type mold factories, which are the main destination of poor materials.

The production of inferior mould materials not only encourages the opportunistic molecules, but also causes great losses to mould manufacturers and heat treatment plants. Some cold working dies made of inferior Cr12 and Cr12MoV burst in the process of heat treatment, wire cutting, grinding and even storage. The results show that the heterogeneity of eutectic carbides reaches 8, the distribution of carbides is network, and the massive carbides in the form of block and angle reaches 5. Generally, the porosity and central porosity are seriously over standard. Some of the bad effects caused by the poor materials may be due to the unskilled operation of the heat treatment workers, but more importantly, the relevant performance of the mold material itself does not meet the relevant standards. In order to improve the service life of mould and eliminate the waste of materials, Luo Baihui, Secretary General of International Mould Association, suggested that relevant effective measures should be taken:

(1) Resolutely eradicate it in the legal process. Die steel is a more expensive material. The recycling of scrap steel conforms to the sustainable development route, but it needs to be carried out by a regular steel plant. Private family workshops are not allowed to operate the recycling of die steel, so as to prevent it from failing to meet the requirements of alloy die steel production due to improper technical strength, technological level and testing methods, especially to firmly stop the production activities for the purpose of profiteering by legal means Move.

(2) Establish a fair arbitration institution. A fair arbitration institution is an effective measure to stop the spread of these materials, but such an institution should have sufficient technical level and require fair handling, so as to prevent being vulnerable to the influence of material suppliers' money and unfairness.

It is an important factor to eliminate the inferior material and select the mold material correctly to improve the competitiveness of the mold market. There are many kinds of molds, the material is the foundation, and the shape of the mold is supported by the foundation. What should we pay attention to when choosing the mold material?

(1) High performance materials should be used to manufacture the mould with large output and stable dimension. This kind of mould material can also carry out low vacuum surface strengthening treatment, so as to improve the durability of the mould to a new level.

(2) The mold has complex shape, high precision requirement, long manufacturing cycle, and the processing cost of the mold far exceeds the material cost of the mold. This kind of mold should also be made of high-performance materials.

(3) The high stress die is made of high performance materials, and its durability can be improved by cheap surface strengthening technology.

(4) Molds with small parts output, simple shape, small stress and easy to manufacture, and molds with regular modification can be made of ordinary steel, cast iron or even non-metal.

(5) Die material selection should be combined with national resources, choose our rich elements of steel grade.

(6) It is necessary to select materials from the view of sustainable development and select new steel grades as much as possible, so that scientific research results can be transformed into productivity and mold quality can be improved.

(7) Correctly treat the development of domestic mold materials.

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